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It was one of those November days- luckily not wet and so far the cold of winter had not arrived.  Being retired I did not fancy saying that my specialist subject for Mastermind was the shop display at our nearest department store.  So what to do.

Well  the solution came from SANG Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace– there a new word for the scrabble players.  In truth a well intentioned scheme by our local councils to set aside some green spaces (91 acres at this site) for the town dwellers amongst us to get out into the country- car parking provided and walk- ourselves or our dogs.  We even saw a lady who had 3 dogs who was was running a professional dog walking service- which I took to be a good endorsement.  The park had a map and gravel path.  For the more adventurous there was a rough trail complete with some drainage ditches and a sign (leaning at an angle) warning about the rough track. We took 40 minutes to cover the whole circuit and very refreshing it was too.  Full credit to this initiative and I will look out for SANG from now on.



After that what did we need -but a coffee.  As planning would have it we had noticed  that Starbucks were building a new drive through cafe at the nearby petrol station.  We drove in tentatively- past the petrol station which had been reduced to 4 walls with no roof or inner structure and so was clearly not supplying coffees.  We saw people inside the Starbucks and thought we’d try it.  In fact the staff told us that they had only opened 1 hour before and so we were their first customers.  The other people were the Starbucks management team.  All went smoothly as the staff had transferred over from another branch nearby and we enjoyed 2 lattes in our re-useable take away cups.  So we completed our simple park walk in the November sunshine by enjoying looking out on the nearby woodland.  A simple fun and enjoyable afternoon.

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