Lest We Forget

The events of 11/11/18 have come to an end but the importance of the events need to live on.  There are may who are still affected by similar traumas right up to the present day.

The poppy display at Tower of London 2014

I was acutely aware of this because of this local commemoration just before the Remebrance day services.  The van driven by a young man had collided with the wall. 

The destruction was only on a small scale compared to that in a war zone, but destruction it was- needlessly so as this has been the exact site of a similar accident just a couple of years ago.  Fortunately no deaths this time

When you live in area however you get to hear of the road accident sites.  They are many and each have an associated tragic story   The fatal ones have touching displays of flowers and pictures.  For one teenager killed on his bike the duty of laying flowers has been carried on for at least 15 years.  Another occurred just before Christmas as a person was making his way home from the pub. 

On one of our regular journeys there are 3 recent similar flower and picture displays.  In one there is a picture of a young man barely into his 20’s. Not sure of the details of  crash but its on a straight road.  All the pointers are that it was fatal and one is left questioning how and why it happened.   Another is a collection of evergreen wreaths on the parapet of a bridge- again I don’t know the details but wonder if he felt he had unable to go on.  Another has a car number plate type sign attached to a nearby tree with the words RIP……..( I’ll leave out the name in respect to the deceased)

So the loss of life of young continues and I regularly am concerned with the potential hazards from the style of driving I see.  The damage to so many road signs and other items is not the result of any financial cutback.

I ask that when you are rushing to get to that important  meeting that you consider whether:- “is it  better to be 10 minutes late or 10 years early?“. 

This in part is purely self interest as I don’t want to be one of those who have lost somebody or is the victim of a road accident.  We also owe at least that to those who fought for our freedoms in 2 world wars and need to respect the precious nature of life.   

Have a safe journey and Hopefully many Merry Christmases

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