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There is a real opportunity to get out now that your time is less scheduled.  However where does one go and can one go there many times.  Well one useful destination is the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens at Wisley.  

We went recently and the theme was Winter Glow- there are some unusual plants!? but also the gardens and greenhouses are decorated for the season.  Also if you are feeling energetic there is plenty of encouragement as one can see their staff tending borders and applying the best quality locally produced compost.


Elsewhere as it was dry but cold then the gardens showed different aspects relevant to the season

Inside the green houses there were strange creatures who might have come straight out of a Christmas book

There were also some magnificent flowers even though many would not have been exposed to a snowy wintry Christmas as we know it

They also had a school Christmas tree decorating competition.  The use of feathers to create characters was particularly skilful and artistic

 Even the cacti showed something of a thought provoking nature.  A well developed and years old cactus looses a key branch – yet nature does not stop there but plans regrowth and renewal.  Worth pondering that when the change of retirement is all a bit strange.

There were enchanting paths to walk and I understand that at dusk these are lit with little coffee/warm drinks vans to dispense coffee and mulled wine.  Wisley changes with the seasons and is a pleasure to see these and the various areas, formal, wild, rose gardens to name a few. 

We finished up with a coffee and I must applaud the humour of the cup designer.  As ever the old ones are best and these cups can be recycled – as is the joke I suppose 

Membership details of the Royal Horticultural Society can be found on their website.  It is one of those enjoyable destinations that you can visit multiple times and view the changes with the seasons.  I hope you enjoy as much as we do.

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