Socialising- Stages of life

I’m sure that most of you will at some time experience this in life.

After all you start off as a solo small sock and as time goes on you get older and perhaps a sibling comes along

Then there are those interesting first challenges to face- the first slipper, the first shoe and the first trainer. The sandal is the worst- imagine all those areas exposed to the outdoors with only a few straps to hold it all in place. Then there comes the feeling of freedom as you go outside in the warmer weather and feel the sun on you- sadly this is a double edged state as if it gets very warm your owner just goes off with no socks or runs barefoot along the sand.

Then in September is that first encounter with the grown up world- in my case the washing machine. Both my brother and I were intrigued by this – until the first time we went in. Being thrown in with loads of other clothes – some very smelly and dirty was a real test of our determination.

Then followed the tumble dyer- well what an ordeal – first the warmth then going all the way round one way suddenly stopping and going back in the opposite direction- but in the end getting nowhere. It was there that I met the other half- quite different from me and a blaze of colour.

Time moved on however and some of the pack seemed to be getting a bit ragged. It was then that we found one of the pack was missing. Not only that quite soon others were down to 1 sock as well. I did try looking all round but though occasionally we’d find the missing friend quite often they seemed to have gone for good. We don’t know where

I had hoped for better news and it came at Christmas. We were visiting the Seasalt shop. There were a whole series of very colourful socks such that they could not go missing- all in nice new pairs and in colourful boxes. Even better these were on sale so SeaSalt Sock Sale solves solo sock solitary situation. SSSSSSSSS!

It seemed that idea was everywhere because another shop we went into had a whole display dedicated to the Happy Sock company. Now that’s an idea that I could snuggle into. I wonder do they accept odd sock pairs.

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