Fitness- January Motivation Tabata routines

January its meant to be the month of new resolutions and getting fit. So what happens when the weather is grey and its raining. Well one tries to go to the gym as per the plan. So what does one do there and get motivated?

Well, one of the good ideas is to follow a routine and best if its timed, structured and reasonably intense. In many cases doing just 5 minutes of a known plan is enough to get started and then motivation and energy allows one to carry on.

I would suggest that a brief scan of Coach Magazine might prove helpful.   The on line magazine is produced regularly and frequently contains new routines.

The other is to try a method called Tabata. This is developed by Dr Tibata and an series of colleagues at the National Institute of Sport and Fitness in Tokyo. It involves a series of high intensity exercises with a short interval before proceeding to the next exercise.

There is also a very good Apple App which does the timings.

The regime was detailed in Coach magazine. It comprises 10 different exercises with 30 seconds for each exercise, 10 seconds rest, Rest 1 minute between the cycles and repeat 3 times.

  • 1 Burpee/Jump/Pull up
  • 2 Medicine ball throw up
  • 3 Walking lunges with dumbells
  • 4 Dumbell thrusters- where you push the dumbells above your shoulders
  • 5 Press ups
  • 6 Jump squats
  • 7 Pull ups with legs out in front of you
  • 8 Holding a weighted plate and then swinging it down to below your knees and above your hear
  • 9 Press ups onto dumbbell weights then lifting these up to your shoulders
  • 10 Mountain climbers where you are in a press up position and move your feet up and down as if running.

I’d be the first to admit that this was quite demanding routine. At quite frequent intervals I needed to stop the timer on the Tabata timer on my phone. (Think stopping the clock to catch your breath)

Anyway by this means the routine was completed(just). I then had 15 minutes to fill. So I choose a Life Fitness cycle a to do this. It also offered a TV and in view of the current political turmoil I foolishly choose to watch the Politics Show. I now fully understand what the politicians have been going through over 2.5 years. The debate was intense however and they seemed to have been working away to go absolutely nowhere. Only mine was for personal fitness not the future shape of our links with Europe. Thinking about it, my technique of stopping the clock is also I believe historically well known to the politicians in Europe when coming up against a deadline

So rather sweaty and tired I was able to leave have a shower and get dressed. I did not have a current account calculation of how many calories this session had burnt/cost.

Off I then went to replenish those calories with a coffee and a cake at Patisserie Valerie. Not sure if there was a natural calorie account deficit or surplus over the morning. It was fun however and in the spirit of “taking control” I only had half of the cake.

We wondered around a nearby town and saw that Edward the son of Henry 3rd had stayed in the Castle when aged 7 in 1246. How things have changed as at that time, staying warm, alive and fed were the priorities. Today however, we still have the issues of staying alive but by not eating too much and keeping fit. Our life expectancy of 79.2 years for males and 82.9 for females would have been unheard of then.

Enjoy your retirement and I hope that the fitness part of the blog will allow you to enjoy it to the full.

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