Fitness- Calisthenics and shoulder press

Have you gone to the gym and found all the machines that you planned to use already occupied. This is a January problem and the best way to consider it is that come February and March the numbers in the gym could be back to normal. However you could use this as an opportunity to keep your routine fresh by trying something new.

One of the best ways is to follow a magazine such as Coach which regularly gives you new routines to follow.

Coach has a nice article on doing shoulder press- .

Personally I think the seagull (below) has better form for this exercise than does the sculpture

Another is to try body weight exercises and here the challenge is what exercise, how to progress and what can you achieve

I was taken by the advertising material from the Movement Athlete

I have tried one of those regimens where every day one does so many press ups or similar. The first few are a challenge but after working on it every day then surprisingly it does get a little easier. Just think it will take me some time to get through all the routines they suggest.

On a recent visit to Trafalgar Square however I saw the sculptures and these do show possible exercises for both men and women. Just typical that a seagull would pick that moment to show their skill doing wing raises and single leg squats.

I thought it was only in the gym that you saw competitive styles. Still its one way to get your head and shoulder treatment I suppose!

Enjoy your fitness routines and keep going as fitness is key to enjoying your retirement. As the old saying goes ” the longest journey starts with a single step”.

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