Fitness- Swimming outdoors in January. Bath

Thermae Bath spa like the Romans

The Thermae Bath Spa are very special. I can fully understand why the Romans thought so even 2000 years ago.  We have previously visited the Roman baths but wanted to experience the warm waters for ourselves.  A freezing cold January evening did not seem to be sensible time to choose.  Yet, I had seen the pictures of steam rising from the roof top pool against a backdrop of Bath skyline.

So we went to try it. We changed into the provided gowns and went straight to the roof top pool.  This was followed by a sharp intake of breath as the cold January air hit us, then we swiftly entered the water and a pleasant surprise.   The hot water from the springs apparently comes out at 44*C and has to be cooled down!  We were told that our water came down as rain about 10,000 years ago before working its way through to the thermal springs.  We did not seem to notice.

With the steam gently rising into the night and against the backdrop of the Abbey, this place is quite unique.

Then onto the choice of steam rooms and sauna on another floor.  These were warm/hot/steamy and  the air was filled with smells from refreshing aromatic oils    There were also warm shower jets to stand under and all those muscle aches to fade away.  For those who felt keen there was even an Ice room- for some unknown reason I missed that experience. 

Then down to the Minerva Bath with warm mineral waters and a current that gently moves you around the curved pool and under the gushing warm mineral water fountain. 

I must confess that we enjoyed so much that 2 hours passed so quickly that we had to check when was our finish time.

We did not have a chance to visit the restaurant although all the pictures do make it look very appealing. 

So hopefully that we be for another visit.

Photos courtesy of Visit Bath website

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