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Socalising-An active meet up, like 250 years ago in Bath

Socialising has always been a key part of society. In 1771 in Bath they built the Assembly rooms for that very purpose

We had chosen Bath for a weekend away to brighten up January. 
I would recommend a visited the Assembly Rooms and we really enjoyed.
It was a Sunday and this particular afternoon there was a Ballroom dance meeting. 

The buildings are owned by the National Trust and their website gives a very good overview

The staff were welcoming and gave me an encouraging smile when my partner booked to see the Fashion museum. They were familiar with the situation of where one of the group did not want to see all those dresses
and kindly advised that there was a reduction of 10% at the cafe.

I was duly left to wander and heard music. Luckily I was able to peer in at the Ballroom dance group meeting taking place. The dancers were taking it very seriously with doing all the moves with great precision and formal dance holds. To see the dance with the various chandeliers all ablaze meant that one could easily imagine being transported back to the formal dances of the Georgian era 

Apparently at that time up to 1200 people could attend. 
The other rooms also had spectacular chandeliers and fireplaces. 
It is said that card games and gambling were well supported for those not dancing. 

The pictures on the wall showed the members of the professions of that era and not much has changed

They even had examples of Sedan chairs so that the person could be transported up the hills of Bath. (Think taxi/UBER).

To finish our visit we went to the cafe.
Being January they still had their Seasonal Hot Chocolate with cinnamon and cream on offer. I had not been dancing but since we had walked all round the city in January it did seem justifiable. 

The staff were pleasant helpfully and chatty. I hope the picture gives some idea of how enjoyable the coffee and cake were.

This did all make for a special end to a very enjoyable visit

If you want to go somewhere for a visit, even in January, we would recommend Bath – even if quite a few of the museums are closed. Enjoy your retirement.

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