Retirement- Starting the journey

That moment of retirement is quite a hurdle that we all face. After all those years of the daily commute suddenly the prospect is there that it is not anymore. Where does one get advice?

Well, these last few days have strengthened the realisation that the sources of advice are many. Think the Highway code.- yes the highway code has a few entries relevant to retirement.

Firstly they have symbols all about work

Then they also consider the challenges of deciding to retire- if one gets the choice that is.

Should one stop, and stay, or go on cautiously or go boldly anyway.

And then there is the warning the that bridge to next stage is a weak one. So the writers of the Highway code knew all about those pension providers who made promises which now seem to be difficult to achieve.

The code authors may well have seen the advice that to retire earlier does help ensure that you get a longer and better retirement. Which translates to, stay longer means less time for yourself. So in summary, when the time approaches take it with care, but enthusiasm. After all, in the end all work does come to and end- the trick is to find something new to do and enjoy.

Hence, so make tracks to your future and count your blessings when there is no need to brave the snow to get to work or have to plead a snow day.

Enjoy your retirement.

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