Luck- Dates and timings

Do you remember where you were on Saturday 17/12/1983? Well by all planning I should have been in Harrods. What’s special about that particular date? Well that was the day when the Harrods bomb went off. Apparently 3 policemen and 3 civilians were killed and 90 people injured.

I thought about that whilst we were drinking our coffee at a Cafe in Knightsbridge. Had my plans not been changed at the last minute, I could well have been somewhere nearby when that awful event occurred.

What brought this to my mind was that we were on the train to London and stopped just outside Clapham Junction. Again a memorable date and time 12/12/1988 at 08.10. Those who got on the 07.18 from Basingstoke were on a typical commute. Only on that day 3 trains collided. Apparently 35 people were killed and 484 injured. It was one of those moments of timing and events which would have a dramatic impact on so many.

But it does not have to be the large scale events that can have a significant impact on your plans. The recent snows have reminded me of a story that a close colleague told me. He was on his way home one evening in February and it had started to hail and snow. He felt that he did not have good control of the car and slowed as he came to a corner, but it was too little, too late. He lost control and the car crashed into the hedge before turning completely over and ending up facing the way he had came. Luckily my colleague was only shaken. He got out and whilst trying to plan what to do another car came the same way. This one was going much faster and did a bobsleigh type slalom and mounted the nearside hedge before bouncing off, mounting the farside hedge and then continuing at speed down the road. To this day my colleague has occasion to thank that his car rolled. Otherwise the two cars would have been a tangled mass and him be possibly fatally injured as he was standing alongside his crashed vehicle.

If that had been the case all his subsequent history would not have occurred!

So when things look a little black, just consider that for the element of luck and timing any one of those events or others could have changed the path for you of your loved ones.

Be inspired now that you have retired and enjoy life to the full.

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