Travel-Visit Valletta (Malta) for Valentines. Memorial to the siege 1940/42

Once you have visited St Elmo’s Fort which gives the history, come here to see it for yourself.  On a calm, sunny winters day, the reality of 2 years of
siege, 1940-42, are hard to comprehend.  The harbour is below and on the day we visited it was a cruise ship not a destroyer that was in port.

I passed a memorial plaque to the siege and found it a surprising and strangely symbolic for there to be a “No Entry” sign to be located just on the other side of the road.

The bell is large and at 1200 noon when it is struck it must be quite dramatic and moving.

To then see the memorial to those who lost their lives with the inscription saying

” At the going down of the sun and in the morning,  we will remember them”

is a painful reminder that every war has  direct human casualties from whichever nationality they are.

It was therefore moving to see the man sitting alone and contemplating the harbour.

This visit made me consider again what terrible events that have occurred on this island in the past, both centuries ago and within the last 80 years. With the 75th anniversary of D day being commemorated this June it is not so long ago after all.

Conflicts still affect too many countries and we need to stop and consider what actions we can take to bring about peace.

Enjoy your retirement

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