Fitness- Water- a 10,000 year old story

We are surrounded by it, made from it, survive because of it, curse it when it falls on us or worse if it comes as a torrent. Then we spend money to go and lie down beside it and also to manipulate it- I mean get soft water in hard water areas

So why write this piece- I hope that by the end it will give life a whole new perspective and in so doing inspire you.

Water- the history of this piece

How did I come to write this, well it was spending 2 hours in hot water (no it was not my boss giving me a telling off) but outdoors on a rooftop in January. To make matters more interesting, the air temperature was near freezing, yet the water however had to be cooled – it was a natural thermal spa in Bath. Finally the spa was a 2000 year old idea at least and the water fell as rain 10,000 yes 10,000 years ago. If you want more details see my blog

Water is H20 yet we don’t consider the molecular weight of 18 as anything significant.


To us it dew, rain, snow.

From there comes puddles streams and fountains. If only we stop briefly each is a beautiful form of its own.

Where if becomes significant however if its formed into rivers


Have a look at the scene below. How many decades, centuries has this river been flowing, how many people have crossed this river with umbrellas – and wonder how umbrellas fashions have changed over the years. I mention this because on the bank of this river is a statue dedicated to a stevedore. Apparently the river was important commercially in 1600’s and it was on this basis that the town grew up. Have a look at the town clock just to get an idea of the relevant dates.

Anyway back to rivers and we walked along the banks of the Thames just recently. Below are some pictures of tributaries into the Thames. (Note the plastic bag in shot 3 as it is discussed later)

The Thames is apparently 215 miles in length and the Thames path is apparently 184 miles in length. What is most surprising is that there has been an annual canoe race along the 125 miles (201km) from Devizes to Westminster since 1948.

I still find it hard to comprehend that somebody we know has done this. The fitness requirement seems extraordinary, yet to meet them you would not appreciate that they were super-fit.

The finish line is at Westminster still some distance to the sea.

The sea

Turning to the sea however, being dwellers on an island we are drawn to the sea. How many happy hours has one spent by the sea and how often does this feature in our holiday photographs and creative artistic shots.

One of the interesting things about the beaches at this resort is that they are the starting point for a round the world single handed yacht race. Again this all happens on water and takes on average 75 days. Importantly on 7th February 2005 the race was won by a British Woman- Helen MacArthur as the fastest solo circumnavigation of the world see Wikepedia

There is an interesting subsequent article. See below and the mention of plastic is interesting


In the 2016/7 round the world race Alex Thompson came second to Armel Le Cleach who completed the circumnavigation in 74 days 3hours and 35 minutes. I must admit however that to see Alex Thompson walking to the top of his mast of his Hugo Boss boat did very much remind me to James Bond. The name on one of the other competitors boat is all too appropriate.

See the youtube link below.

Remember this is all about water. The ocean. If this does not inspire you I don’t know what will.

I will need to write another article about water and humans as I have only just scratched the surface (of the story of water – so to speak)
I hope that I have re awakened that sense of wonder and interest which is the key to having an inspired retirement.

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