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“Fitness is a hand full of dry sand- looks full, look away, look back again and see whats left in your hand”.

So it is Monday again- what a relief, no need to go to work again today. As one is retired that strategic cold/stomach bug etc which is the Monday standby is no longer needed

If you are of a certain generation, you will remember the quote from the Decline and Fall of Reggie Perrin.

Ep.1   “Eleven minutes late, staff difficulties, Hampton Wick.”

Leonard Rossiter/Reggie Perrin

The excuses were varied, strangely the delay the same every day.

Anyway here you are at the gym ready for a session. Only life is not so smooth- being Monday morning the car park is full. What a terrible situation, “one can’t expect to get fit if one drives to the gym and then can’t find a place to park”. Started to drive around frantically and then my luck was in, there was just one space left.

Then to do the routine- a 5 km row on the Concept 2 machine. Located next to the window- so I can see out and seek inspiration. Not so easy today as the clouds are down, sky grey and with some rain.

As you remember Concept 2 has a tracking website  

I was about to complete another of those mini milestones towards a major milestone. I rowed away and my thoughts drifted.

Have you ever noticed how often a person arrives just as you are doing that difficult bit with a towel around your waist and he has chosen the next locker to yours. I wonder if one of those Christmas articles on the mathematics of ” what angle should you dunk your digestive biscuit in your tea” need to address this serious issue. After all there are many hundreds of lockers there in the changing rooms and the person always seems to pick the next door one.

Whilst thinking about it, those clever chaps in the city need to be looking at a setting up a market for car parking “future options” for the sports clubs. After all, on many a morning there is a serious overload of SUV’s and similar cars here, all looking for the same, nearest to the door, parking place!

Anyway I completed the row and then saw the ultimate Monday irony- a queue to get out of the car park. I had no meeting to rush for, or other appointment and so could grab a drink or wait and leave serenely at my own pace. In fact none of those deadlines or pressures are relevant any more.

Retirement does have it advantages, and so long as you keep that in mind, it is fun. The sands of time and fitness in your hand do have a habit of running away. So be inspired and enjoy your retirement

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