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Travel-Sand, heat and skill. Bath Glass

We had visited Bath Glass before and had wanted to see the glass blowing demonstration.  This has now been relocated to Walcot Street- a short walk from their central shop.  This is quite an interesting area with other artisan shops.

You cannot miss the Glass workshop as there is a very striking statue of a glass blower outside.  The shop had a good display of the products – some made by the apprentices whose training takes 3 years. 

When you see inside the reasons for this are clear.  Blazing hot furnaces and then mounds of hot glass are blown and shaped into bottles, jugs, plates and scent jars. 

We bought a few items which have pride of place in our house.

There is a striking mural just nearby and having seen the glass blowing site the inspiration is clear.  They street architect also had a fine sense of fun as the word  Walcot was divided over 3 cycle stands. 

The final point was to see at the Roman Bath museum a picture that seemed to suggest that the scent bottle design is 2000 years old.

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