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Travel- Royal Crescent Bath

We came to Bath for a winter break.  Despite being cold it was dry and so we enjoyed walking up the hill.  There were some iconic sites along the way

The Royal Circle was  stunning and on a huge scale.  We walked all the way around and then into the gardens in front.  Interestingly they had a sunken wall which separated the park area from the Crescent and I presume only residents can go there.  I am told that the name for this is a “HaHa”- one does wonders how that name came about.

We did see a few things that showed that despite all its grandeur it was a home to somebody.  See the pictures below.

It was unexpected to  see squirrels and reassuring that they were not overawed. 

There was also a touching memorial plaque on one of the seats that showed that life is the same for all regardless of where you live.

The home owners also need deliveries of things just like you and me.  To see a TNT delivery lorry was strange and yet in reality should not been have unusual.

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