Places to Visit- Don McCullin War Photos- Tate Britain

The phrase that a picture saves a thousand words is very apt here. His photographs cover the conflicts all way back to 1960’s.

These are from post war rationing in Britain to the Berlin wall. Later conflicts are Biafra, Cyprus, Congo, Cambodia, Vietnam. The troubles in Northern Ireland and UK social change in Bradford.
Also the more recent conflicts in Bangaldesh, Beirut, Iraq, Aids, India, Ethiopia.

The images graphically show those affected to by these life threatening challenges to be really suffering.

Sadly all to often they have been badly injured or killed in the name of the cause. This seemed to change from conflict to conflict but in the end is about the powerful over the weak.

His pictures are skilled in retaining that compassionate human touch in the middle of so much suffering

If you use a google search the following comes up

Each section has a brief summary of the conflict and lists the approximate numbers killed. Sadly and very rapidly they became just that, numbers, yet each pictures powerfully showed individuals who were affected. It was an uncomfortable reminder about war, poverty and our society.

I would recommend this exhibition to all those in positions of influence over such mass conflicts. It provides an opportunity to consider carefully the possible impact of what they propose.

Many of these conflicts form the memories of news stories that we have heard about during ones lifetime. Unless one has been directly affected however that effect is a dim and hazy memory at best.

This exhibition of Don McCullins photographs at Tate Britain is a perfect way to put a sense of perspective on any issues that may be causing you stress and unhappiness. If you read the texts of the exhibition it is clear that in taking these photographs he was at significant personal risk. There are clear hints that the effects are still there.

Sadly for copyright reasons I do not have any of his photographs to include in this blog.

Can I suggest the following link which shows the auction of the classic photograph of a shell shocked US marine and which features in the exhibition.

The compilation book is also a comprehensive collection of his pictures.

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