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Places to Visit- Stonehenge- Dusk Visit, see more

Stonehenge is a world heritage site, visit it at dusk and see more. If you drive to the West of England on the A303, Stonehenge is nearby, yet in all ways is a millennia away.

The stones are about 4 m high, 2.1 m wide and weight 25 tonnes. These were transported from the West Coast of Wales between 3000 to 2000 BC
It is very deserved as a World Heritage site. (see below for Wikipedia link for history )

The stone circle is remarkably well preserved. Accessibility has however changed over the years. I can recall as a child being able to get up to and in between the stones. Although nowadays direct access is limited by a fence, the impact remains very powerful.

We were on our way back towards the M3. It was getting dark and we had hoped to pull in at the Visitor Centre. In recent years this has been moved further away from the stones and it seems there is a bus link for the last portion. We arrived at 16.30 however the security man was obviously at the end of a long day and keen to get home ” We’re closed tonight, Come Back tomorrow at 09.30″. This was not practical for us and so we headed back to the A303, luckily I found a place to pull in.

The moon was visible and the stones were grey shapes in the distance.

With grim determination I walked up closer and got the following shots in the dusk. Personally I feel that the scale of this monument is clearer this way. It is a very short distance in comparison to the original effort involved in the transport and construction.

The security guard has a cold and lonely job but I hope this picture helps get so many aspects into perspective.

The sheep have been there for generations and to them I was just another of that odd tribe called “tourist”

There are regular traffic hold ups on the A303 near Stonehenge and if you are delayed, gaze at the stones with wonder. There are plans to put the road in a tunnel near here. So in future you could pass Stonehenge without even noticing it.

The lights from the cars on the A303 near Stonehenge.

But without the effort our ancestors put into building Stonehenge that might have been the story of 4000 or more years ago.

There were other pictures that also put it all into perspective.

Dusk, with a solitary tree just visible on the horizon

Further information on the history of Stonehenge

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