Candle in the Wind

Candle in the wind is a classic song associated with Elton John. As one enters retirement it has relevance to many of our activities. How often during your working life did you have difficulty getting going of a morning. How often would that internal engine stutter- and not just on cold frosty mornings when the windscreen needed to be de-iced.

Words for candle in the wind by Elton John- do follow the link

Or for the youtube video of him performing

Then there was the happy families phase.

I hope the following photographs show was your life with the family around.

I am still looking for that pause button to hold the clock at time things seem pretty good. The flame can be buffeted by the wind and so seems a little less bright at times. Then it stutters back to life again.

The candle snuffers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and often do not do the job. A quick web search shows that in common with so many areas of commerce Amazon has a wide selection.

Then suddenly the flame is stuttering. All too soon the group is down to 1 bright candle and 2 others just about managing.

There is a certainty that at some stage all candles will fail.

When planning your day and looking about you, choose carefully as candles do run out of wax.

Enjoy your retirement and make sure to make the most of day to day.

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