Fitness-classical approach

Do you struggle with fitness? Do you need inspiration? Does this picture show what getting fit is like for you.

We visited the Tate recently (see the piece on Don McCullin ) and it was surprising how many sculptures showed fitness.

For instance, how often do you see a sculpture which shows best practice for doing “abs”. I can manage some sit ups but a prolonged “v sit” like this would be a real challenge. Does anybody know anything about who modelled for this-he was quite an athlete.

Then there is this new game- not sure if you know anybody who could manage this. Then there is the dress code- well actually none so it may lead to all sorts of other things.

The signs for this sculpture is most informative. It was made at the time when being thin was considered an issue. The explanation was that tuberculosis TB or consumption was widespread. The hope was that by remaining fit the risk of TB could be avoided.

The museum had other sculptures who also can be an inspiration. Once again one can see that fitness/calisthenics are all about posture and movement.

Even famous more recent sculptures can be considered as inspiration, this Henry Moore could be all about yoga

See the Movement Athlete which shows how its done- and they have a website which shows the step by step to way to achieve this.

There was however a period when because of poverty and malnutrition that to be a fuller figure was highly attractive. There is in the National Gallery quite a collection of nudes attributed to Rubens on this link.

You may have seen my posting about Bath and its assembly rooms . I saw this picture from Bath in the 1770. Certainly one of these visitors could be considered overweight. There are no details of how many there were or what the social reaction was.

So you can have inspiration for fitness using ideas from many years ago.

Incidentally if you wish to see exhibitions like this then there is another way to get fit- that is the 10,000+ steps that it will take to get to and from the museum and wonder around.

Enjoy your retirement and keep working on your fitness- even if these methods may not be your first choice.

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