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Places to Visit- Waverley Abbey.

This local abbey is not far from us and was set up in around 1128. It was one of the largest abbeys and had a profound effect on the local society. One has only to note the number of places where the word Abbott or Monks appears in the name of the street, walk or similar.

The abbey was damaged by the reformation in 1538 and yet so much of it is still standing. One of the very recognisable features is the fireplace. Can you imagine the discussions round that fireplace as the events of the dissolution started to unfold?

The building was very large and there are still quite significant remains to this day. Also impressive was to see a tree that had grown over the old wall dating back to that time

There is a second area where they held mass. it is worth considering that potentially the services may not have changed much in all these years. The remains might be 800 years old, the tree 400 years. The picture also has a plane propelled by a jet engine. This was only developed in the 1940’s, a mere 80 years ago.

Also impressive was the cook house where the vaulted roof is still standing. There is even a stone pillar in the middle of the window that is unchanged.

The local area also shows remains from more recent events. I refer to the World War 2 bunker which was located just at the entry to the site. In some ways these had weathered the years since 1940 less well than the abbey which was built centuries ago. More about mans’ recent influence in a separate piece

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