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Writing a blog is said to be about words and ideas however it has challenged me to take better photographs. The old saying that one picture saves a thousand words is all too true.

One of the places to visit if you are keen on your photography is the Photographers Gallery, London. Its very central and just off Oxford Circus so you can combine culture and shopping if you are so inclined

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They have a bookshop in the basement and they have a unique collection of the more specialist books on photography.

They also sell specialist photograph which may become the art and photographic treasures of the future. I was surprised to see that they were selling Polaroid cameras as well as Instamatic. In addition there was original 35mm colour film that have almost disappeared from most shops.

While I was there they have several exhibitions on the upper floors.

People in photographs

I was very taken by the one entitled Solitude by Dave Heath. The subjects had that that deep emotional message written in their facial expression and eyes. There was the same soulful look which communicated feelings just like the work of Don McCullin.

Public issues in Photographs

On the other floor was a series of photographs about how abortion is handled in different countries around the world. In some it is still a criminal act and all involve are punished. The stories of the women affected, the health professionals encourages us to look again at this issue.

Policing in Photographs

There was also a fascinating story of the history of the Red Army Faction in Germany. We tend to forget the armed struggles that have occurred during our own life times and the pictures show some of the history of that time.

My photographs

Finally although it was not appropriate to take photographs in the exhibition, I did see some noteworthy scenes to take as photographs.

A man in a glass walled 6th floor office in cycling clothes and with his bicycle next to the window

Also the unusual perspective down onto the books on display and then across the road to the interesting building opposite.

The gallery also has a program of talks and it also runs a scheme to encourage young photographers called ” Develop”

Certainly having visited I look around me with a different perspective. My next blog will highlight some of the photographs I have taken recently. I hope you find them interesting.

Further information

I had anticipated that they would have had a little more about cameras types and have some for sale. It seems not. Here are links to two of the main camera selling companies

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