Travel-Daedalus spirit of then and now

We have heard the name but maybe are not fully sure about the full story. So what about Anemoi and Zephyrus? No I didn’t know about them either.

It all started when the Captain went on the radio and said “Speedbird-639 request permission to start engines and push back”. Back came “Permission denied as Heathrow experiencing delays due strong westerly winds. Departure will be delayed 1 hour”.

So we had to wait and look around. It made me look at the Greek Methology about the winds. I learnt from Wikipedia that- Anemoi is the name for the four winds and Zephyrus was the west wind. So delay turns to a chance to learn something new and previously unknown.

In time off we went and it there was a bit more to look at the inflight screens. At one point we had a headwind of 100knts.

Finally we got to London- First a brief hold over a part of Essex and a chance to see another plane below and to our right. Then over the M25 and on to Canary wharf.

The sights below as we came in over the city were worth the delay.

Below was Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Houses of Parliament.

Finally we got to Heathrow and despite the strong winds the landing was a smooth one. Having seen the figures earlier about the strength of the wind I thought that was quite a feat.

Oh and you ask why this was the Daedalus spirit?

Well I knew that he and his son Icarus made wings from feathers and wax and were able to fly out of Crete. Sadly his son flew too close to the sun meaning the wax melted and he fell into the sea. Deadalus was the more skilled aviator and appropriate to record this as the conditions during this present day flight from Athens could have been a real challenge.

Daedalus was also the creator of the labyrinth a very large maze in which the Minotaur was held. Certainly looking at London from the air the maze of streets below was all to clear to see.

I will leave you discuss whether there are any other appropriate links between the historic myths about the Minotaur, the labyrinth and current affairs whilst the Brexit process is ongoing.

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