Photography-Trafalgar Square, London

Have you ever been to Trafalgar Square and really looked around. No, I mean really looked at what is there. Certainly Nelsons column is dominant and is what gives the place it character.

If one wants to be inspired I suggest visiting the National Galley and Portrait Gallery around the corner. These paintings show famous scenes and the famous and wealthy of their day. As time has gone on however all that now remains are the magnificent paintings.

Not far way is the statue to Edith Cavell who was shot at dawn for her humanitarian work during World War 1. The epitaph is worth reading as it is very relevant even to today

These days the square is a place for significant gatherings and commemorations. Personally I can best relate to the meetings of friends who choose the square because of its central location

The other statues on the square are also important. see Wikipedia for full details.

  • George 4th – 12 August 1762 – 26 June 1830
  • Charles James Napier-10/8/1772-29/8/1853
  • Henry Havelock 5/4/1795-26/11/1857

Interestingly despite each having made a significant contribution during their life times their roles have become rather forgotten cover time. This was such that in 2000 the then Mayor of London (Ken Livingstone) suggested that the statues should be replaced by figures more familiar to the public.

Whilst this would have a superficial appeal, one wonders who these people should be, as history is ever changing. The hero of today is the- who was he/she? of tomorrow or certainly the day after tomorrow. A humbling realisation as one moves into retirement. It would appear that the pigeons in the square seem to be following that style already.

As one colleague once said to me ” Name me one irreplaceable man/woman in history”.

I hope that the photographs inspire you to visit. Look at the square closely and see the symbolism of the statues and other items located there.

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