Socalising-A warm Bath

Bath is a city that is interesting because it shows ways of keeping warm over at least the last 2000 years. We visited in January and although it was freezing we were able to swim out doors. This was because we were in the thermal baths. Actually the water has to be cooled down from 44*c to something more tolerable. I was told that the relevant water fell as rain about 10,000 years ago. See

Then there is the other way to keep warm, through socialising. At the height of its popularity the Assembly rooms events generated warmth through socialising and dancing.

Imagine being part of a crowd of 1200 who were dancing. They ladies also wore special dresses and I would assume that these were made of several layers.

When we visited the assembly rooms there was a dance going on. The couples were very much enjoying. Watching them following formal steps and fixed routines however did make me wondered if it was all rather hard work. The chandeliers lighting are from that period although now with electric bulbs not candles. As the pictures show there were several fireplaces. When all these activities were producing heat then the it is easy to see one reason why the ladies of the time were said to be prone to “Swoon”

All those fireplaces needed chimneys to deal with the smoke and a glance around the rooftops of Bath shows just how many there were at that time

In case you haven’t seen a live fire recently here is a picture of one that we had in our house

It was always a family social moment to all sit around the fire and enjoy the warmth, the sound of crackling and that sense of being back like our ancestors were. We temporarily forgot about the challenges of lighting and keeping the fire going, and the potential impact of the carbon and smoke emissions on the environment. In truth it was a time to socialise and talk instead of watching TV and sat in a line on the sofa.

Hopefully this gives a new viewpoint on keeping warm in Bath. And that there were other ways that just adding a little more hot water or putting a log on the fire.

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