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When one is retired there is a need to create a new set of challenges. Rowing on a Concept 2 provides a striking but attainable target. To go somewhere without the challenges of leaving anywhere. Their log of the meters rowed give just that.

The April issue of Men’s Health shows what can be achieved in those over 50

This also featured by the Telegraph The photograph shows that the politicians are in on this trend as well

There is even an article about rowing in the latest copy of the Health Magazine from Waitrose. Copies from the shop

I am of the generation who can recall Bing Crosby and his song “Busy doing Nothing” which sums up getting used to retirement. So rowing is the perfect plan to follow

Now having worked long days throughout my career, the transition is taking some time to get used to. One is also very well aware that happiness and enjoyment are linked to health. So what better way to solve all these issues in one move by taking up rowing. It exercises the whole body.

The arms provide some of the power as do the legs, knees, hips and core. More importantly it can be done for any time and if the distance is too much you just stop and step off. Not even wet feet.

Most importantly at our gym the rower is located next to the window so I can watch the world go by. Or one can watch the clouds formations develop and change. All without being exposed to the wind or rain.

One day there was a slight hold up for the cars entering the gym. I was reminded of the quote from Brain Hanrahan for the Falklands war – he counted out all the fighter jets as they left the aircraft carrier and he counted them back in. For me it was counting all the cars in as they arrived at the gym in a traffic hold up and then later counting them out again.

I wonder if you recall in my earlier posting that there was a rainbow when I passed a target milestone.

Well my enthusiasm has been increased as the I recently passed another target milestone. When I went outside there were two birds of prey circling on the updrafts. Not sure what they were hunting

A further target distance is approaching, and just as in work, getting to that target is motivating. Just wonder what the picture will be at that time.

Whilst rowing to the target I am getting fitness, enjoyment and motivation all in the one action – what more can one want?

After all, how many of those tasks at work were in the end just a means to achieve similar goals as well as earn money. Admittedly sitting at a desk was a negative regarding fitness-it just meant that you had to timetable in fitness to your daily schedule and that required self motivation.

So now instead of a range of desks, look for a row of rowers.

Or Go Rowing ie GROWING

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