Photography- Surprise Treasures

There are Surprises and these we Treasure. However over time they become Underused then Forgotten and in time Forgone ie STUFF. These few photos cover the process of dealing with STUFF- a daily part of life.

It has taken me a long time to write this and procrastination is part of the issue. After all if it was given as a special present which one treasured then giving it away is all the more difficult.

In the charity bookshop today I overhear a lady explain it clearly

“I used to own a signed copy of this book but I had to give it away when I moved house. Here it is again and I wished I still had it”

Then how to clear it – the charity shops are a good place but at times they get too much. Or there is Ebay- but then only certain items and transporting these items around the country is hardly good for the environment and better than landfill?

We are encouraged to be less wasteful and not throw things away which ultimately means buying less. This seems straightforward, however what happens to those who work in factories producing the various items -will a decline in consumption mean that they loose their jobs? Also would this lead to an economic downturn meaning less money for all and so less money to buy things and so leading to even lower wages for those who produce.

Having retired, there are also cupboards full of papers which need to be burnt. Interestingly some of the things which were so relevant just a short time ago have now become outdated. Our incinerator will shortly need to be replaced as it has seen such intense use.

Spare a thought however for what some of those things represent. In a second hand warehouse/shop I saw overflowing containers of discarded colour slides- family groups, special holidays, weddings etc. Important to the people at the time but now just so much STUFF. I found it very sad that they had been just thrown out. The camera section of the department store did seem to have an interesting reuse of what was once very special.

So now I have decided to live in the present with an environmentally friendly plan. My STUFF will now be Simple Targets Undertaken For Fun- More details in my blogs about fitness.

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