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Those who have followed my blog can see that I have been slowly moving towards one of those targets on the Concept2 rowing log.

Its quite simple really- grab the row bar, tense and straighten legs, engage core and straighten up then pull with arms. Once final position reached then reverse process and start again. By end of this one has covered 1-2 metres depending on the effort applied.

Modesty prevents me from detailing how many meters was the target but suffice to say it has been a long time to get there. I know that there is a famous saying that “the longest journey starts with the first short step”. Well it certainly feels to have been a long journey.

Strangely and probably predictably as the last stages came into sight there was a greater motivation to go rowing. Then on the last rowing session there was some trepidation. It did not fully encourage me that on the next rower was another rower many years younger who was practising power rows and who managed a rate of 1 min 45 or so per 500m. There was a slight reprieve when he finished after only 2000 m and my goal meant that i needed to complete far more that than.

Then a few celebratory shots on the phone and enter the meters covered on the Concept2logbook. This is both encouraging and humblying. There are those older than me who have covered large distances and at faster times. There are also those younger whose performance I can match (not many but then I wonder how many don’t enter any details)

So what now, for the moment just savour the achievement.

There are also plenty of stories in the media and on TV of those who for health, accident or other reasons have not reached any similar goal. So take pleasure in each day and enjoy your retirement

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  1. I set it at calories/hr . . . my pace ranges between 700 and 800 cal/hr. I usually do half hour (30 min) sessions at a minimum of 12 calories per minute or 360 calories per 30 minutes.

    When I do weights, I do five minutes of rowing (at that pace; 60 calories) followed by three sets of weights on two machines and repeat until I hit all the weight machines I want to do. That usually gives me 15 minutes of rowing in between doing weights.

    I never thought of doing distance. Regardless, rowing is my favorite aerobic exercise, followed by stair-climbing (levels 6 or 7) and then biking. I also think rowing gives the best overall workout.

    • Dear dispenser
      Thank you for your response.
      I had not paid much attention to calories per hour from rowing until I met those rowing the Atlantic and heard what they require for the crossing.
      I now have a profound respect and new perspective.

      I may explore this issue in future blogs.
      In the meantime I hope that the interesting part at the end of each blog brings a (wry) smile to you and others
      Wishing you a happy retirement and good health

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