Travel-Ice Cream

Ice cream is the classic symbol of holiday travel. It could be that Soft Ice cream cone you had as a child on a day trip to the beach or now that you older a wonderful dish at the holiday resort you are visiting.

We were on holiday and the hotel was right on the beach. The town was up the hill and so we went exploring. It did feel like an alpine trek as the climb was a steep on and the steps went off into the distance.

Having arrived we wanted to celebrate and right on the square was an ice cream bar. A lovely selection of various flavours made selecting an enjoyable challenge. In the end we went for 2 small pots one each of chocolate and raspberry

We also had a bottle of water in a plastic container.

We sat and enjoyed this for some time and then the current media discussions about climate and environment came to affect this simple moment of pleasure.

The bottle was a plastic one and we have seen all the concerns about single use plastic bottles. We also had single use plastic scoops. The carton was similar to a take away small coffee cup. When we started considering further there were all those cows producing methane, whilst producing the milk and cream. Then there is the electricity to run the freezers, and diesel for the lorries for deliveries. We could go on and on.

Whilst one can appreciate the current desire for action to prevent damage to our environment, taken to its final conclusion almost every process and action will need to be rethought/stopped. Even going on holiday by plane would need to be considered.

Whilst we consider this a worthwhile objective for the many, spare a thought for the few whose livelihoods are dependent on tourism and ice cream making.

To see a shop in the resort with the name Shopaholic, on a very quiet street and with no customers shows that this is not some abstract discussion

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    • Thank you for your comment. I am trying to show that even what appears simple and easy- eating an ice cream has other sides to it if one stops to think. I wonder if you would like my posts “1821 from Waterloo” or “Lest we forget” or the photos about Trafalgar Square and Chimneys

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