Fitness-Concept2Rowing- Atlantic Challenge.

Having just passed one of the Concept2Rowing milestones recently I was feeling rather encouraged. At the gym however, there was a team who are due to compete in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge which is in another league altogether.

Poster for the Talisker Atlantic Challenge- just near the Concept2rowing machines

The team in question was “The Ocean 5” and they were one of many groups. pairs and solo competitors who were planning to row the Atlantic from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canaries to Nelsons Dockyard in Aruba and Barbuba in the Carribean. A distance apparently of 4800Km.

It was sufficiently unusual that Google Maps could not give a route or distance. (Strangely they didn’t even offer the usual choice of modes walk, car, public transport or plane- not sure why!).

The team that I met, “The Ocean 5” had already been on other expeditions to North and South Poles. They are working to raise awareness about the issues of plastic in the seas.

Apparently during the competition the teams row continually for 2 hour on 2 hours off and each team will do more than 1.5 million oar strokes over the race. Having in the past seen the Vendee Globe single handed round the world yacht race set off I wanted to know more.

So I went rather humbly to do my usual two stints of 5km in times of 22 minutes 19.4 seconds and 22 minutes 47.2 seconds (must include the tenths of a second as these things matter!?!)

At this rate it would take quite some time for me to cover that course (see next two posts on the calculations that I went through). Even more remarkable then that there are some single handed competitors.

I would urge you to also look at the other teams who are competing. They all have specific and very personal reasons for taking part. Also for those who consider they have retired, there is even a team Ancient Mariners who are all over 60.

So I have no excuses when that rowing session in the gym feels a little bit too much!

For information below are a few pictures from the Vendee Globe single handed round the world yacht race. A key difference being that the wind provided the power.

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