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I have earlier written about being inspired by the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Rowing Challenge. They have to cover 4800 Km from La Gomera to Antigua.

I have looked at the race figures for 2018 and they are humbling. They travel 4,800 km. The fastest team in 2018 managed that in 34 days 12 hours and 9 minutes.

By my calculations that was 4,800,000m. They had 816+12 hours ie 49680 minutes and 9 minutes a total of 49,689. If my maths is correct this means that every minute they covered 96.6 meters.

In 2018 there was even an 18 year old Lucas Heitzman who completed a solo crossing in 59 days 8 hours and 22 minutes- setting a Guinness World record in the process What did the rest of us do at that age?

Trying to look at rowing performance it was interesting to look at the blog from Chris Hodgson from who talks about keeping focus when rowing for 2 hours. His figures are impressive×900.jpg

He manages to complete 29,020metres in 2 hours and 37 seconds at an average speed of 2min 4.7seconds per 500 metres. As his blog mentions they will be continuing at that pace 2 hours on and 2 hours off all day and night for the duration of challenge.

So this makes today 5km rows of 22 minutes 19 and 22 minutes 47 ie 10,000 in 45mins 6 seconds, very insignificant indeed. Also I am fully worn out at the end of each 5Km and need a rest in between. The floor also needs a good mop after my efforts.

This years challenge has one team who are all over 60, so I must keep up my rowing.

The other aspect from this is the calories required and I will try more back of an envelope calculations for the next blog.

By the way you might have wondered about the title- slightly awkward wording. “Competition Challenge Calculations” but in fact it was chosen because the challenge is all about the C ( Sea) and mans’ struggle to travel the sea/ocean.

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