Inspire-6th June 2019. Looking at the bright side of life.

Today was a straightforward day. No great issues to deal with and yet having retired there was a slight feeling of what do I do today. I went into the town and despite some sun, the mood seemed rather low. This was not helped by there are a number of empty shop units and others having closing down sales.

I was not well placed to support the shopkeepers. I have written earlier about dealing with those Special Treasures Underused Forgotten and then Forgone ie Stuff. I went into our local charity shops and there were many items which would have been very nice – a pair of Mr and Mrs Champagne glasses – only we don’t have the need or the room.

The matter was partly solved by going to the gym and having a coffee sat out on their patio and looking at the various cloud formations. Although today being June 5th, there were still plenty of clouds, some threatening- but fortunately no rain. After a chat about nothing in particular and a swim it was time to go home.

I was browsing for something but didn’t know what. Luckily I came across the following.

It was Eric Idle singing “Look on the bright side of life”.

It formed part of the opening ceremony for the 2012 London Olympics.

This together with the realisation about the date of 6 June 2019 was what I needed. Currently due to Brexit the national mood seems to be fractured and depressed. It might be worth us all watching a repeat of that ceremony. The economic news also seems to be about company closures.

Then a moments reflection that 75 years ago today, hundreds of thousands of service personnel had very good reasons for very real concerns. This is the 75th anniversary of The D day landings in Normandy.

I have in the past visited the D day beaches. The cemeteries are a moving reminder of the numbers who were killed. There are rows upon rows of gravestones, each gravestone is inscribed with rank, name and age. A number who died were still teenagers, often from the same unit and occasionally from the same family. The inscriptions from those left behind give just the briefest indication about the individual and convey the sense of a life cut short.

All of us owe them all a huge dept of gratitude and need to make sure we play our part in making the world they fought for a better and peaceful place.

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