Photography- Hopes and Dreams

Here are a few photographs from a recent holiday. We thoroughly enjoyed and were very well cared for by the hotel staff. Looking around however made me consider Hopes and Dreams

The hotel had recently been refurbished having been in existence for 50 years. Indeed when we arrived there was an open comments book at reception with comments from somebody who had been visiting for the last 30 years.

The hotel was right on the sea shore with sun loungers which were literally a few feet away from the waves. What more could one hope for and I anticipated spending the afternoon dozing and dreaming in the sun.

We were lucky to be staying half board with breakfast and dinner. Both were well cooked and presented. Early on however we were greeted by the chef who said hello and shook our hands. It was obvious that he was keen that all went well but over the holiday it was clear that he was suffering stress to make sure all the catering went well.
The waiters were very courteous and helpful and we quickly noticed that it was the same people both morning and evening and for the whole week. We spotted that there were some rooms for the staff on site.

It was only when we went to the town up at the top of the cliff that all this became clear. The country had been through a marked recession, and we were there before the season. This is only 2-3 months anyway. While the town had very appealing shops, bars and restaurants, the number of actual customers was small. The community was dependent on us tourists to survive.

There was also a difficult choice in the evenings. The hotel bar was very stylish and the walk up the hill challenging. Then there was the matter of coming down all those steps after a few drinks

Until that lottery win or a periodic holiday, these images will remain happy memories and a dream for the next time.

I hope its a good summer for the sake of those who work there, and that for you the weather is good, and the holiday is enjoyable.

And when life in the UK is a bit mundane, here is a reminder of those other times

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