Photography-Thames. Timeless yet ever changing

Did you look at the Thames the last time you crossed it. Its ever changing yet strangely unchanged. We crossed by Lambeth Bridge, nearby is Lambeth palace, the 800 year old palace of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The bridge has recent changes with defensive barriers following of the Westminster Bridge attack.  These do not however stop the river looking as serene as it has done for decades/centuries.

The view towards Victoria tower of Palace of Westminster is familiar and yet so rarely seen. Then there are the police launches and other boats that travel/work up and down the Thames.

Others use the Clipper Ferries to travel the river and these make a river commute a new experience. Spare a thought for those who have to maintain the piers for these ferries

Then there are those privileged to cycle and jog along the river on their way home. Not a bad way to end a day at the office. 

We left by bus and I recommend the front row, top deck. For me it was a special sight to see the Cenotaph lit up whilst we travelled Whitehall 

This is an enjoyable and free way to see London and look at its link to the river. It is clear that the Thames is important to London and yet we are very small in comparison.
If possible change your viewpoint from the everyday. Taking time to look afresh and consider is a great way to be inspired.

Enjoy your retirement.

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