Fitness- Blaze and the world of work

It was the dispute over safety that did it and so disrupted train services.  So by 7am I was back in the gym and the world of work just as before I retired.

Gosh, isn’t 7 o clock early to be at the gym. Then I remember that I was normally on the verge of leaving for the office at that time

Blaze is a group fitness class at my gym. It’s an intense session of mixed cardio, strength and combat. Its a currently very fashionable. Today there were people who’d even finished their session by 7.15

Then I looked again at the stages involved in Blaze and see that it’s perfectly suited to the world of work

First there’s the treadmill- good training for going up and down those steps at the station or running for that train. That’s especially important when the disputes mean the timetable is simplified: a train arrives departs when it does with no certainty when the next one will

Then there’s the weights section with all those biceps curls- perfectly suited to moving that backpack and laptop whilst “following” the queue. There was even a queue to join the queue to get into the station, where there was a queue for the train. Only wish the real Q from James Bond had given me a few special gadgets to help

Then at Blaze they have the benches to jump on off and over. A moments thought says how well that reflects the seating and desk arrangements at those open plan offices

Finally there’s the boxing punch bag. It doesn’t take much thought to see the link to those inspiring messages from management to achieve 10 percent more sales, whilst working to the 5 year plan to cut all costs by 50 percent

So I was grateful that I was not doing that anymore

There was a fleeting memory of that tune that they always played at 0650 which signalled that one was on the verge of being late again. Think the song from Snow White “Hey ho, hey ho, it’s off to work we go”

So I’d completed my session and was having a shave before my shower. Then any similarities to the office were completely shattered. Standing next to me was a man with no clothes on. He had forgotten to bring shaving cream and had chosen to leave the tap running continuously. It was an awkward moment when I had to mention that, with all the concerns about our environment, it might be helpful to just limit it to some water in the bowl

It made me glad that I’m now retired and had time to enjoy fitness in my own way and time

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