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I have previously written about the Talisker TransAtlantic Rowing Challenge. Well this Monday made me think about that in more detail. I was doing my usual 2 strenuous rows of 5km to reach the total of 10km.

It was the changing room conversation that really got me thinking. I overheard 2 others having a detailed conversation about sport shoe sizes and whether there was an equivalence between UK 8 and USA 9 or was it 9.5 or even 10. The more I heard, the more I appreciated that in fact it was a conversation about anything- just to have a conversation.

This got me thinking whilst I was rowing- in between the sweating and counting the metres that is, about the book. “The loneliness of the long distance runner” by Alan Silitoe. I remember reading it whilst a teenager and whilst my memories of the the story are now vague it certainly showed how running was a motivator for a rebellious youth. Here is the link to Wikipedia entry about the book

Loneliness is now viewed as one of the social issues of our time.

There are some interesting recent articles about it on the BBC. One of the very unusual suggestion is that one should talk to strangers at the bus stop

or the Surprising benefits of talking to strangers

Mens fitness which has been running a series of articles about Men’s mental health also have a very relevant article. See the links below.

And whilst considering the issue, we need to have significant admiration for those who are setting out on the Talisker Atlantic Rowing Challenge as solo competitors. Rowing alone day and night for more that 3 months is significant challenge. I would encourage you to read their web details as the issues that motivate them to take part can be experienced by any one.

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So when the rowing is a little routine and going nowhere, here is a new angle to consider

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