Fitness-Concept2rowing: Review of rowing machines

I have written about rowing on Concept2Rowing machine on quite a few occasions. The choice of machine was quite simple-that was the one at the gym. I was aware however that it was one of the popular types of rowing machine.

Today I found an interesting article on Coach Magazine where they have reviewed the various types. And most importantly they list the typical prices when new. I have often looked at eBay for a machine and been uncertain whether the price was a reasonable one.

Any way, here is the link to the article

Also whilst browsing the net for estimates of the calories used whilst rowing, I came across the following.

Again the site seems to offer a full review and helps one decide which machine to choose

One thing that has motivated me with the Concept 2 is their on line logbook, so that you can record the distances that you have covered. There is also a worldwide ranking, fortunately this list is arranged by age bands as there are some serious athletes see.

If you are really getting into the sport then there are also indoor rowing championships to follow or compete.

There are even world championships to be held in Paris in 2020

Anyway I hope that you are still making progress. With a rowing machine one of the nice features is that at the end of any session or when you’ve had enough you are still sitting where you started.

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