Photography-World War 2-Veryan Decoy Command Post

We tend to forget some of the things that occurred during World War 2. Whilst on holiday in Cornwall recently I was lucky enough to visit 2 sites that were relevant to World War 2 and another to the Cold War.

Here are the pictures from the World War 2 decoy command bunker. This site is run by the National Trust and open for limited number of visitors once a month.

The setting was very realistic, despite being in summer, the weather was cool grey and raining.

The command bunker was one of a series of about 1600 across the UK. Designed in collaboration with Pinewood studios, who normally did special effects for films, their purpose was to confuse the enemy bomber crews to thinking that they had reached their target. They used decoy street lights and fires and mock explosions to achieve this.

The ultimate mark of success was how many bombs they managed to attract to their site. Just consider that for a moment your measure of success is how often you are bombed!

The command bunker consisted of a generator room and a control room


Nearby was the nuclear bunker for the cold war. See second post

What was unique was that the guides had worked at these post so we were given an inside view of what it was like.

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National Trust Veryan Bunker

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