Photography-Cash crops

Here are a few photographs that show the recent changes in cash crops

Lambs and sheep but these can live in isolated areas.

Livestock can need grazing and milking

Farming has historically been very reliant on subsidies from the EU- one wonders if that will continue as before

More recently there is harvesting electricity with solar panels or wind turbines. There was a period when these also attracted subsidies.

The latest cash crop seems to be attempting to grow old fridges. So far this planting does not seem to have produced much. This process is encouraged by council policies on charges for recycling. See

I will return to this topic in a future posting

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    • I am not sure if the owners of the land and the person responsible for the fridges had reached an agreement.
      It reminds me of those who are enthusiastic to start an open air camping site and who drop off their first ground mattress before reaching agreement with those whose land it is.
      As always the regulations seem to have unintended consequences. Less recycling rather than more

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