Photography-Water test

First there are clouds, then rain and then a river. This particular site is rather unique. As you can see some of dates go back to 1842. One of the buildings was a bank note printing press in 1916- so it could be said that this river powered at least one small part of the first World War.

Further down river is Mottisfont. A medieval monastery and the power of the spring and the river was a driver of much of the local commerce at that time. See

Back to Whitchurch, and the Bombay Sapphire where their gin is distilled. Gin and Water is also key to this process. The heat from their distillery is why they have the large glass houses. They are warm enough to support the growth of citrus fruits and butterflies that live there.

So why did I call this a Water Test. The common feature to all of this is the presence and power of the river Test which runs through all these sites.

The same river is said to have featured in Watership down. Sadly as the rabbits are said to have escaped in the book I did not get a picture of them near the Test. As they say, this is a picture that I prepared earlier.

I hope this inspires you to look around you and see what might be of interest.

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