Photography-End of day-1

The photograph would seem to sum it all up. It had been nominated as one of my best at and made into an A1 print. Getting a frame for it was what started this episode. The local photo-shop had frames to sell and so I selected one in black. It was raining at the time and I asked if they would kindly put it in the frame while I went to deal with other matters.

Being I’m retired then a new set of glasses were overdue- that opportunity to look over the rims with a quizzical expression was not to be missed. The sales assistant at the opticians was very helpful. They did need slight adjustment and Now I know that there are so many adjustments that are possible for glasses. All fixed efficiently

This was followed by a visit to the bank- I am sure that the transaction could have been done on line but that human contact was key. To me this was an important transaction- although routine in banking terms. Still the lady treated me with courtesy and efficiency.

Anyway back to the photoshop- things were not looking good. The frame I had chosen was unable to take my photograph as it was too thick. Now in many places the response would have been a gruff ” Sorry mate you’ve picked the wrong size and you need to buy this other frame”-and a grudging refund. Instead the assistant said ” lets try this one” and then proceeded to help transfer the photograph to the new frame. It fitted beautifully and enhanced a photograph that I am proud of.

As you can see, this is a person going home after work. He could have been all officious and curt or he could have been helpful as the assistant was in my case. Or as the lady at the bank or the opticians.
At the end of the day no matter what job you do, it is the human contact that matters and the way you handle that.

I hope that this inspires you and don’t overlook that customers also have a role to play by treating the staff with respect and courtesy.

See tomorrow for another post entitled ” At the end of the day”

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