Photography-End of day-2

This sunset is another of my photographs. There is more to this than a simple sunset. It was because we had gone on a family holiday to a rented cottage in Cornwall.

The fact that this was a sunset with the family and that I was now retired reminded me how life had moved on. There would have been the time when I was Sand Castle and Moat Constructor in chief- with varying degrees of assistance or otherwise from the gang. There was also those times for ice creams and meals out.

As life has progressed the family have all gained their independence so my role is diminished. I still have one role as cashier- the banker of first resort for that essential loan.

It all makes me wonder about that loss as one moves from work to that of “retired”. I hope that I captured some of it with one of my early posts. The 1821 from Waterloo. I hope that you have a chance to read it.

All of this was brought together by reading a piece in the Sunday Times Magazine written by Jane Gordon- “My move to the country made me lonely”

It clearly showed that changes to life patterns and locations are not easy. Surprisingly she did not mention that the loss of role, status and social interactions can be just as difficult for men. Our social patterns seem to emphasis this. At this stage we have build up a series of events to keep us entertained. The decrease from 8-10 hour of people contact per day to the retired lifestyle does however take some getting used to.

In my next few posts I will try and detail a few events that we have attended. I hope that these will inspire you to enjoy your retirement

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