Photography-Mad dogs

So what about Mad dogs- is this turning into a piece about rabid dogs. Well no, the usual statement is “Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the mid day sun”. This is very apt for a bank holiday weekend where good weather is predicted.

So what about some photographs

So why the glasses- well to drink the beer but there’s more than that.

One glass is from the RNLI and the other was a Hofmeister larger glass.

Some of you may remember the Hofmeister advert of “Follow the Bear” It does seem that things did get a little wild after a Bear or two

If things get wild then the RNLI glass has a very relevant message,- perhaps not for the garden unless you have a pond! Too many people choose to go swimming after a few bears/ sorry beers.

The RNLI’s advice is:- Respect the water. 190 people die in British Coastal waters every year, Many of these occur after drinking alcohol. If you fall into cold water Resist the Instinct to Swim hard, Float until you can control your breathing. Float to live

So I hope that should you go swimming the RNLI advice will help.

However on a lighter note, If you are stuck at home then these adverts for John Smith Yorkshire bitter confirms what Englishmen should be doing

Enjoy the August bank holiday and the promised weather.

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