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How do you create a buzz in an overcrowded market. I was intrigued to see this at work the other day.

Yes, I am posting about the opening of a new coffee shop near Waterloo. Well there are plenty of those however Coco Di Mama had managed to create a real buzz. Apologies to the bees but they were only here to give sound effects. They seemed to have done this through an offer in Time out for free coffee of just £1. see–offers–zone5–tile2

Somehow this had reached the Instagram generation. We arrived and looked for the cafe- not easy until you know where- its down one of the alleyways past the old Shell buildings towards Jubilee Gardens. Here are a few of the photos I took. As you can see there is an Instagram being taken.

So what is the significance of all this?.

The cafe is just yards away from a WeWork site. It is also within the confines of the Shell Upstream building where once all the processes for oil extraction were coordinated. These are in process of being converted to flats. Just a short distance away are the old County Hall- now a Hotel, also the London Aquarium, London Dungeon and nearby the site of the London Eye. I will let your imagination devise any links between these co located attractions.

The history of the area is fascinating and was a railway and industrial hive from the 1830’s onward. The opening of Waterloo or ( Whore-Teloo) was a landmark ( see the history as per the link). The Festival of Britain in 1951 was located nearby and became the catalyst for major change. See

So why do I draw attention to this with opening a new cafe. It seems that our attentions are now about image and coffee- or maybe that should be coffee and images but clearly the relative roles of industry, commerce, socialising and entertainment are changing.

Is this related to our society moving from being consumers to looking for experiences?

I hope this inspires you to visit. A next posting will cover the photos I took around this area-after the coffee-just hope there is no camera shake. I also aim to have a posting about our changing view of industry following a visit to Tate Britain.

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