Photography-Asset Strippers

This is a very telling exhibition staged at Tate Britain. Here are some of my pictures

They show an era where things were made to high quality on machine tools. Or fabrics woven and created. It is worth looking at the Manufacturers names and particularly their cities which were industrial power houses in that era. Manchester Leicester feature and these cities have certainly changed in the intervening years.

Perhaps the bookshop at the Tate had a view on these matters

The book titles said it all: The Festival of Brexit; The Story of Brexit; No one is too small to make a difference; How to give up plastic; Vladimir Putin Life Coach; The Beautiful poetry of Donald Trump.

Perhaps one will need to become a Sloth,Flamingo,Lama,or Mermaid to survive? Certainly this is not a drill

They also had some very apt items that showed what the future might look like. Here are the new artificial intelligence supervisors for the factories.

Even the BBC is presenting less than appealing ideas.

According to them Brexit will mean that our waste can no longer be exported to European waste burning sites. This waste will therefore need to be transported to landfill sites. Most are located in the northern parts of the UK

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