I am aware that Brexit is becoming a very divisive topic. The development today that the Houses of Parliament are to be suspended have resulted in a marked increase in the debate

Just a few days ago I was on a bus in Whitehall and the pictures give a simple overview of the topic

On one side of the road was a group wishing to Stop Brexit.

On the other side of the road was the Cenotaph- the memorial to those who died in two world wars to avert being dictated to by foreign powers. The fact that the photograph is slightly out of focus and has camera shake could indicate that we have a tendency to take those events as so much in the past. The other more mundane explanation was that I was taking photographs from a moving bus.

Not much longer on our journey we came to the memorial for Bomber command who played a key role in World War 2.

Let us not forget that peace and cooperation are fragile things. The current highly charged political atmosphere is not conducive to having good relationships with other countries. We need to be aware that these disagreements could escalate in ways not imagined by anyone who started the process.

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