Photography-Coffee ….Ology

It was a simple coffee that did it. The coffee started off a process that took on a drive of its own. In fact we were only looking for a few items of food, oh and we needed to get a bottle of wine.

Once going round the wine section we found that we needed a passing knowledge of geography– French, Italian, America, South American to name a few of the regions. We did not begin to consider the geology or climatology which is critical to wine production.

Then there was the type- red, white, rose. There are even articles about this, ie colorology or chromatherapy

Finally we made our choices and got 6 bottles of red and then a few of white. A helpful member of staff gave us a bottle carrier, her psychology and sociology suggested that we would benefit from a second carrier. In the end we could have bought a further 6 bottles of white as well.

So that visit to the check out was a shock but frankly it was to be an expected. And once we got home we realised that we needed a knowledge of oenology. That way it was not just starting to study of wine but to give a learned topic to discuss while we enjoyed it.

And the point of these ramblings- well they were written in August after the O and A level examination results. So to highlight the ologies seemed appropriate. Maureen Lipman did this years ago in a BT advert when she was very pleased her grandson getting an Ology in Sociology despite failing all his other exams

This happy student has either had one coffee too may or maybe a little too much wine. Or is he very happy to have been awarded an ‘Ology at the end of term. Then he can an Oenologist while he studies (sorry drinks) the various types of wine at the local wine bar. Or maybe an ornithologist as he studies the local wildlife.

Sadly in this day and age I have to add the Health and Safety message. This was on the window of a smart London Department store at Christmas of all times. Imagine wallet care and alcohol advice all at the same time!

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