Have you heard of Penhaligon.  They make upmarket fragrances and beauty products for men and women.  When we visited recently we saw the following statues.  They prompted a discussion of what type of person one was.  Sadly the internet does not transmit perfumes so you’ll either have to improvise or visit a perfumers


Are you the leopard like character- and do you change your spots to match the circumstances?


Are you the cat like one willing to purr and seek approval from those nearby?


Or are you the loyal hound always by your masters side?


Or are you the mountain goat, up there on the hills and ready to jump high from rock to rock?


Or are you the wise owl to whom they turn when they need advice?


Or are you the stag who leads the herd and who is viewed by Penhaligon as the leaders perfume? They sell it as “The Tragedy of Lord George” which prompts many questions that I cannot answer.


I hope that you found this as thought provoking as I did.

After all there is the famous quote ” To know yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”

Not sure what that means about the morning ritual of shaving.  Just try not to cut oneself with that razor as that certainly would not be wise or a good start to anyone’s day


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