Photography-High Chair to Empty Chair

It was a visit to a Starbucks that really brought the realisation.  We go from High Chair to Empty Chair during the course of our lives and coffee features throughout.

So here was the cool designer Starbucks coffee shop.  Notice the baby high chair.  That and the baby chinos that some coffee shops offer.


There is the phase where you are a little unsure about the world.  Call it green- surprise, surprise, they have 2 cups coloured that way.  One where the green colour is visible to all and the second where the green is inside- a slight outer white shell to protect that inner innocence. Note how the Starbucks logo has faded a little by this stage- life does that to you.


Then comes the learning to drive stage- and once you’ve passed your test guess what?- there is a drive through just ready to test your ability to navigate narrow lanes.  That before the coffee which adds to the nerves.


Then there is the stage of going to work.  Everyday the same   routine and a coffee at the station to get you started.  Well they seemed to have managed to get an image onto the train windows in case you forget.


Ah the weekend, that time to enjoy and spend that hard earned cash. These photos were taken after a visit to Starbucks just up from Harrods.  The fact that there are two packets of HP sauce is not a coincidence- after all one needs to use Higher Purchase loan facility to make a Harrods Purchase- and maybe even for the coffee shop nearby.


It may also be worth doing some quick back of a coffee cup calculation at this point.  Say that daily latte Venti is £3.00.  So for 5-6 days per week equates to approximately £16.50 per week or £66.00 per month or £792.00 per year.  That’s from after taxed income and does not take into account that second cup or those ever so appealing muffins or toasties.  No wonder there seems to be always a lot of the month left after the money comes in (and rapidly goes out again!)

Of course life is not all plain sailing despite the Starbucks slogan of rise and shine


As one moves on through life the colour of the cups change.  Perhaps its age or the effect of those glasses of wine one has to calm down at the end of the day after a coffee or two


So that final stage is the one of retirement.  See my post entitled “Elevenses” and this photograph of the empty chair at a Starbucks near you.


In researching this piece,- purely in the nature of accuracy you understand, I came across a scene about the importance of coffee shops.  I hope to share this with you in a next post soon.

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