Photographs-3/9/2019 Bring me sunshine-and avoid dark clouds.

A good afternoon in the sunshine is a real blessing.

As you can see, all the glasses and bottles are empty ones because, when the weather is good who needs anything else.

I think that Morecambe and Wise had the right idea with their song ” Bring me sunshine” 

Then there is the tradition of eating Ice Cream.  Sorry I cant supply the real thing  through email-just the pictures.   IMG_0659IMG_0799

I hope that these few pictures and the music will give you a chance to smile.  However for those with a sense of history-September 3rd 1939 was when the UK and France declared War at the start of World War 2. Germany had already declared war by attacking Poland on 1st September 1939.  There are some very striking programmes on the BBC at the moment.  These are worth watching as they show how fragile our peace and normal society conventions can be.   


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