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If you have not seen it, I would recommend the BBC 2 Programme about events in Europe.  See Monday BBC 2 at 21.00


I am not a historian so I hope that I have followed correctly all the various steps and crises as described in the BBC programme.

They describe how a country had become embroiled with a political crisis when the legislature had 14 parties and none with a majority to govern.  They  describe how a senior figure wanted to preserve the position of the elite on the right from the rise of those on the left.  He uses his influence with the 82 year old head of state and who was persuaded that a change of government was needed.  This apparently did not succeed and a second change of parliamentary leader was called for.  This leader was all set to enact a motion to suspend parliament but was ignored by the speaker and so as I understand it from the programme he was apparently in due course sacked.

This led to a third leader being appointed.  He had a populist appeal and soon was appointed as leader of the country.  The title of the programme is the Rise of the Nazis.

I have no connection with politics and found this programme to be quite frightening particularly with the various stages of disagreement in our Houses of Commons.

A photograph from the House of Commons of one politician apparently  being asleep  during the proceedings does seem to have been circulated quite widely.  I can only suggest that you search the net to find it.



I can only add the words of two old Chinese Proverbs

“Beware of what you wish for-they can come to pass”

And the other a curse ” May you live in interesting times”

It seems incredible that the EU which was born from the World Wars and supposed to bring unity to Europe has succeed in creating such discord with the UK.

I have visited several of the Southern European countries in the last few years.  There were plenty of signs of how the economic policies have had a bad effect on those countries.  In these countries there were also large numbers of closed shops and abandoned buildings.    One place in particular stands out, my impression was that the main occupation on a weekday afternoon for a large crowd of young people was playing pool.

No one seems sure how these events will play out and I just hope that sense, honesty and fairness to all will prevail.

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